Easy Self Care & Grooming Tips for Summer


The warm and sultry days of summer are almost here. With all the good things that summer comes up with, it can also tear us down and can be harsh on our overall body if proper care is not taken. Therefore, in such weather, you need to be extra cautious of your body to stay protected from the dust, dirt, and pollution of course.

All you need is to get your hands on the given below Vega self-care and grooming products, and you’re good to go all season long. Keep reading to find out!

  • Vega Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush

During summer, the sweat and oil buildup on the scalp can lead to greasy and itchy hair. As we step out in the sun, the exposure to dirt, dust, and debris increases. Considering all these factors, Vega Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush is a perfect pick to elevate your hair care regime along with relaxing, exfoliating, and rejuvenating in every stroke. It is available in three different colors and can be used for multiple purposes such as shampooing, conditioning, oiling as well as dry massaging the scalp. You can also try Vega Hair Combs which are ergonomically designed to help distribute natural oils, prevent buildup, tame frizz, and keep the scalp clean.

  • Vega Bath Brushes and Sponges

A cold shower on a hot summer day will not only uplift your mood but also effectively remove dirt, sweat, dust, while promoting softer and smoother skin. Just grab your favorite from the wide range of Vega Bath Brushes and Vega Bath Sponges to leave the skin refreshed amidst the heat of summer. Vega Bath Sponges are soft, fluffy, and are perfect for skin exfoliation and effortlessly remove dead skin cells from the body. The smooth texture of these bath sponges makes them suitable for all skin types, and their ability to produce a thick lather ensures that your cleanliness is maintained. For effectively scrubbing hard-to-reach areas and maintaining proper hygiene, use Vega Bath Brushwhich comes with a long handle for precise cleaning and enjoy a long-lasting bathing experience.

  • Vega Cotton Pads & Balls

Whether you have makeup on or not, using Vega Simply Soft Cotton Pads in the summer is one of the best things you can do for your skin to feel smooth, clean, fresh, and healthy. Vega cotton pads are made from 100% natural cotton which is highly absorbent. It is gentle on the skin, untouched by hands, and is ideal for make-up removal. They are perfect for cleansing the skin. You can also go for Vega Colorful Cotton Balls which are soft, safe, and free of chlorine. They are biodegradable, organic, and allow effective cleansing.

  • Vega Manicure & Pedicure Tools

Our hands and feet are exposed to the sun, therefore, they need equal care and attention to ensure smooth and beautiful-looking hands and feet. While visiting a salon can be costly and time taking, the variety of Vega Manicure and Vega Pedicure Tools come to the rescue for pampering hands and feet to get salon-like results at home. The extensive selection of Vega Manicure Tools includes Nail Filers, Nail Buffers, Nail Clippers, Cuticle Nipper, Cuticle Pushers, Manicure Sets, Corn Cutter etc. . On the other hand, Vega Pedicure Tools include Foot Filers and Scrubbers, Pumice Stones, Foot Brush,  Pedicure Sets, and more.

  • Vega 3 In 1 Facial Cleanser

In the summer, sweat and excess oil production can lead to clogged pores. Moreover, dust pollutants and sun exposure can produce more dead skin cells and contribute to breakout too. Thus, using Vega 3 In 1 Facial Cleanser will be a great idea for gentle cleaning and exfoliating. It has 2 silicone brush surfaces, one for cleansing and the other for exfoliation. Squeeze the required amount of your regular face wash on the cleansing side, choose your desired speed from the 10 Adjustable Vibration Speed Settings, and start cleansing in rotatory motion. It also features 9500 Sonic Vibrations for effective cleaning dirt and achieving clear, healthy skin all summer long.

  • Vega Unisex Trimmer

Trimming unwanted hair on the face, nose, and body is an important step for maintaining personal hygiene and creating a clean appearance. For this reason, Vega EZY 2-in-1 UNISEX TRIMMER-  is a good pick that features two attachments, one for Face & Body, and the other for Nose. The Precision blade of the Unisex trimmer trims unwanted hair easily and the hypo- allergenic rotary blade trims nose hair with ease. The IPX-5 water-resistant feature makes it safe to use around water. It runs with AAA Battery.

  • Vega Beard Trimmer

Vega Beard Trimmer is a must-have in every man’s routine for styling, shaping, and grooming the beard with utmost ease and convenience. Grab Vega SmartOne Series – S1 Beard Trimmer featuring Smart Memory Function that remembers your last speed mode from the 3 unique speed Modes available – Eco, Pro, and Max for customized trimming experience. It has Skin-Friendly Titanium Blade to suit all skin types including the sensitive ones with 2 Comb Attachments with 40 Length Settings (0.5mm to 20mm) to create your desired look.

  • Private Grooming

Private area grooming is a crucial part of the summer to maintain hygiene and boost confidence. It also prevents bacterial growth and promotes cleanliness. Ultimately, it contributes to overall well-being. For men, Vega CleanBall Body Trimmer is an ideal pick as it features Uniquely Curved Ceramic Blades and stainless-steel Blades with a powerful 7000 RPM motor trimmer to trim all hair types effectively and smoothly without any cuts or nicks. For the ladies out there, use Vega Silk Touch Trimmer for trimming bikini area, eyebrows, chin, upperlips, and underarms. The trimmer comes with 7 accessories- Bikini Trimming head, 2-Sided Precision Trimming head, 2 Comb attachments, Styler cap, Cleaning Brush, Beauty Pouch Battery operated (AA battery excluded).

Key Takeaways

Summers can be harsh in so many ways, especially if your skin is exposed to the sun. Thus, grab the above essential self-care and grooming tools by Vega to beat the heat impact and feel fresh, clean, and rejuvenated in this harsh weather.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated and take a well-balanced diet to stay healthy inside out in the long haul!