International Expansion Made Easy: Scaling Your Business with BigCommerce’s Global E-Commerce Solutions

International Expansion Made Easy: Scaling Your Business with BigCommerce’s Global E-Commerce Solutions

In the era of globalization, businesses are seeking international expansion to tap into the diverse market and grow their business. Growing business online on an international scale may seem easy, but it is not. To grow a business internationally there are many challenges that you may face but it can be solved with the help of BigCommerce’s global ecommerce solutions. This Blog explores how BigCommerce helps in the process of paving the pathway for a global success of a business.

Why Do Businesses Want to Grow Internationally?

In the modern E-commerce marketplace businesses are now looking forward to grow internationally because of the following reasons:

  • Growth Opportunities: In the competitive world of online market companies are looking for global expansion because of its growth opportunities. The saturation of the international market forces companies to look for opportunities that are outside their comfort zones. Either the businesses make strategies on their own or they take help from a BigCommerce development agency that is experienced to make a successful strategy to take over international marketplaces.
  • Diverse Customer Base: The international market has a wider customer base which encourages companies to enter this diverse market sector. Diversification not only helps in distributing the risk but also customizing the goods and services to satisfy the specific needs of many markets and cultures.
  • Standing Out in Competition: Having an online presence that is internationally viable makes you stand out in the competition. Businesses can take advantage of the economic scale gain from the international knowledge and strengthen their brand image which helps them to hold their foot in the international marketplace more firmly. For the companies that are looking for long-term success and durability, going international has become strategically necessary.

Challenges of International Marketplace

Expanding internationally has its own challenges that every business has to face. Some of the challenges of the international marketplace are mentioned below that you should look at before entering into it:

  • Language and cultural barrier: Effective communication with the customer base is very important for any business. Growing internationally can cause language and cultural barriers that might be difficult for many businesses to conquer. This might impact the reputation of the business and the customer experience.
  • Currency issues: To grow internationally a company has to deal with multiple currencies and payment systems which may create a hindrance in the growth of the business. To deal with payment processing variation and exchange rate fluctuation, it is important to have proper financial planning to thrive in that marketplace.
  • Legal issues: Adhering to a diverse international laws is very important while growing a market internationally. If you fail to comply with these rules and legal considerations the repercussions are legal which will affect your reputation and overall business sustainability. The company needs a thorough understanding of local laws of the countries it wants to target for a successful international expansion.
  • Logistic challenges: Understanding the complexities of international logistics needs a strong supply chain management program. Companies need to have efficient shipping, customs clearance and distribution networks to ensure that the delivery is on time and the customer is satisfied.

How BigCommerce Global E-commerce Solution Helps in Global Expansion

BigCommerce is used by more than 120 countries for different industries like food, fashion etc to grow their business internationally.

Variety of Features

BigCommerce has a variety of features equipped with strong tools for managing multiple currency transactions and bridging the gap of language and culture along with providing a diverse payment method. This ensures a seamless operation across the borders which makes the websites globally inclusive marketplace and provides customers with a great online experience.

Flexibility and Scalability

One of the key features of BigCommerce is its scalability and flexibility. Businesses can easily adapt to changing market trends, streamline their operation process and customize their online storefront to meet the needs of diverse global customers which in return increases their market reach.

International SEO Optimization

Having a strong SEO is very important for any website, be it local or global. E-commerce helps in prioritizing international SEO optimization, which enables businesses to increase their visibility in the global search engines. This strategic approach with BigCommerce app development helps in enhancing the discoverability of the product and services in the new marketplace which drives the organic traffic towards the website and helps in supporting the global expansion efforts.

Cross-border Integration

BigCommerce is a platform that facilitates smooth cross-border integration. Along with that, it also streamlines the logistics. Takes care of tax compliance and legal requirements to help in running the business internationally without any hassle. This ensures the business can easily navigate in the international marketplace without worrying about the complexities of reducing the operational barriers and efficiently trading across the borders.

Real-life Example

Selle Italia is a cycling brand that uses B2B BigCommerce to grow its international presence. It has launched a composable ecommerce site to sell its products across different countries and deliver a seamless customer shopping experience. Selle Italia chose BigCommerce’s modular system for flexibility and ease of use and the company was able to add many functionalities in a cost-effective manner. BigCommerce’s headless approach helped the team of Selle Italia to save time and money and allowed them to be creative with user experience and enhance their site’s design for better impression.


BigCommerce B2B has grown as an effective partner for companies that want to grow globally. 60.000 stores are powered by Bigcommmerce platform. It has a strong international ecommerce solution that helps in handling difficulties with ease along with customized storefront, secured payment processing and supporting currencies. BigCommerce gives companies the confidence to step into the global marketplace by solving the complexities related to it. Using BigCommerce platforms is strategically essential because they guarantee a sustainable growth with the changing environment of the international market.